Mallorca 2015 – second half

Day 6:

P1100447On Wednesday our plan said that it is time a day off.



Already when I woke up in the morning I noticed that there was a severe storm and heavy rain on the outside.  P1100450

Luckily we had our day of rest on this day :).P1100444

Unfortunately the circumstances in our hotel room were not much better than outside. The thermometer of my Garmin said 11°C.P1100445

I used the time to do some planning for the tours of the following days. Later I did some stabilization exercises follow by stretching.P1100446

Day 7:

The weather got a little better but it was still cold after it rained one whole day. Today we went once again to Porto Cristo via Arta, from where we went to San Salvador.


Day 8:

Good news already in the morning – there was the sun! The weather got better and better and also the temperature increased. Therefore, we planned to do our first longer tour in the mountains in the west of the island.


Via Lluc, where we had a short but very nice break to have some coffee, we went to Soller.



In Soller we spontaneously decided do increase the tour to Deia and Valldemossa, which ment that we have some more kilometres and also some more difference in altitude but that’s still the reason why we were in Mallorca.



CAMERAThese two small towns, especially Deia, were worth the trouble although the way back home was very tough. We happily found a group of bikers from Easytour who went directly back to Can Picafort. Without them we wouldn’t have made it home that fast – huge thank’s once again by the way!

At the end of the day the tour had 158km and 2000alt on my Garmin.

Day 9:

The time was right for our second tour in the mountains. This time to Sa Calobra, where we had a coffee break.




With new energy we took the way back uphill via several serpentine. Back on the top the way back home was via Lluc and Pollenca back to the hotel. IMG_20150328_130142IMG_20150328_130243At the end of the penultimate day we had: 940km and 9600alt.

Day 10:

Our goal for today was to reach 1000km and 10000alt.  Therefore we decided to go once again towards Cap Formentor. Exactly at 30km we turned our bikes and went back towards the hotel. The first stop we made was in Formentor.CAMERACAMERACAMERA

In Port Pollenca we made our second and larger break to have a coffee, beer respectively. Sun was shining while we rode the bikes for a last time back to the hotel where we had to prepare some things for our flight back home.CAMERACAMERA

All in all it was a very nice and successful trainings-camp with lots of kilometres. The weather was not very nice during the first half of the trip but further the circumstances were great. Mallorca is worth a trip by bike aside from Ballermann and drinking holidays.

Mallorca 2015 – first half

Day 1:

Before take-off one can already see the different size of our luggage.P1100432 P1100434

After arriving at the airport of Palma de Mallorca and receiving all our bags we started our journey to the hotel by bus with a little delay. Unluckily we were the last who were dropped off at our hotel; hence it was almost 5 o’clock when we entered the hotel’s front door. After we got our key at the reception we entered our room. We immediately noticed a very cold and humid climate in our room. We were in a hurry the get our bikes from a local store so we did not have time to think a lot about it.
The two Canyon Roadlite AL, one in size XS (with SRAM shifting) and the other in size L (with Shimano 105 shifting), were quite nice, even though the service at Active Mallorca was not very good. If we had not said anything the guy there would have let us go with only 2 bars in our tires. Moreover, we had to do all adjustments on our bikes for ourselves.
At dinner we got to know a guy from Mark Hartmannsdorf and received some important tips for the time while we are here. He told us that there are wet conditions in the hotel rooms according to missing radiators in the whole hotel.

Day 2:

After our first breakfast we left the hotel with the Styrian guy at 10 o’clock to go on our first tour.CAMERAWe left Can Picafort towards Arta, to come to the monastery of Betlem. After we refilled our bottles from a special fountain near the monastery, we took the small road back to Arta and then to Capdepera and Son Servera towards Porto Cristo.

CAMERAThen we took the way back home via Manacor to Can Picafort.CAMERA








IMG_20150321_113104During taking some pictures of a goat …

… I dropped my phone and destroyed its display …



After this I additionally did 2,3k swim in a public swimming pool near Can Picafort.



Day 3:

CAMERAThe weather was getting a little better. Our plan was to do a tour with less altitude so that we would have enough energy left for the whole week. After the breakfast we rode our (rent) bikes to Petra, Santa Maria and Sa Pobla. At the end of the day we had 120km and 627m difference in altitude on our bike computer.   CAMERACAMERA







After this I once again went to the swimming pool and did a 3k swim.

Day 4:

It was a cloudy but still warm Monday morning and today we wanted to do a larger tour. I found tour shaped like an eight from Can Picafort  via Esporles to Palma de Mallorca and via Orient and Alcudia back. A tour that has 171km and some altitude meters as well.


Day 5:

The weather got worse and the previous trainings session made us feel tired on this morning nevertheless, we did a short tour this morning to Cap Formentor.

CAMERACAMERA At first there was just wind and low temperatures but no rain. The closer we came towards the northwest cape the heavier it rained.  The wind got stronger and it was not very comfortable out there. We took some pictures and returned our tour back home to the hotel.  CAMERABack in the hotel we got another 101km. We were very happy with the amount of training we have done until the half of the trainings-camp.