Update – status of injury

First of all I want to refer you to my new About me page which tells you a bit about my background and how I have finally got into this sport.

Now to the news:
After I had my MR investigation on Wednesday last week and the review of the results with my surgeon in LKH Graz I have got some news for you.
Good news is that my sideband is not torn and I can take off my splint which I already was annoyed with.
Bad news is that my inner meniscus of the right knee has one small and one larger crack. The damage is that high that a surgery is unavoidable without risking more damage within my knee-joint.

Here is my plan: First I want to start to ride on the bike again and do some swimming to get fit again for the trainingscamp in Mallorca, even though running is still banned. After returning from the camp I am going to do my surgery in order not to cause higher damage of my knee. After that I will have to pause for 6 weeks including a resting position of the knee.
Therefore, I have to cancel the races in Großsteinbach and St. Pölten as I already had done it with Vienna City half-marathon.IM_St_Pöten_out

After that weeks of rest I will try to come back as soon as possible and probably be back for racing in Obertrum if my health conditions allow it.